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  • Suzanne Glew

My cake smash!

In 2019 I did a cake smash with Sian Coles at Sian Coles Photography.

I purchased myself a lovely pink tutu, attempted some sort of reasonable make up on my face and ran out of time to do anything posh with my hair as was running late after working on cakes as per usual.

I turned up at Sian’s with the smash cake I’d made for the shoot and we got cracking. Sian kindly lent me a tiara to make me a bit more glam. We forgot the champers so substituted it with classy buck fizz. And the rest….well you can see how it went from the photos! Some are prettier shots than others. We laughed so much our bellies and side hurt. I’d inhaled a fair amount of buttercream because I kept snort laughing. Not the prettiest of sights, thankful we had wet wipes handy.

Love these photos so much and planning to do a grander one again for my upcoming 40th!

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