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  • Suzanne Glew

Dedication in all weathers!

In March 2019, I had booked a table at The Lights wedding fayre in Andover. Now you may recall we had all that snow for about 3 days in early March. Whilst most wedding fayres were cancelled that weekend, this one was still going ahead. Not knowing whether anyone would even be there given the difficulties of snow in many of the surrounding areas, I decided I would still go if it was still on.

Now I live at the top of a hill and having watched several cars already slide their way down to the bottom, I wasn’t going to risk driving in that, never mind with a car full of dummy wedding cakes and models etc. But I’d made my commitment to go so just needed to figure out what to do. I loaded up my sled and wheelie suitcase bag, my rucksack with precariously stacked and well packed cake dummies, cake samples and models held together with string and tape. And off I set to trudge my way the approx. 1 mile snow hike. I also had my big roller sign banner slung its bag across my back. Looking more like I was heading on a mountain expedition than a wedding fayre, I made it to the bottom of the hill without stacking it. Several extra layers of tape and shuffling on stuff on the sled later, I’d made it to the town centre. Then had to navigate icy patches. Queue something resembling more the shuffling dance move than walking.

I’d attracted a few curious stares from the occasional person in town and was struggling by this point. I was knackered quite frankly. It was all heavier than it looked dragging it carefully that far as it was. It was here that my knight in shining armour, my friend Simon appeared wondering what on earth I was doing this time. Once I’d explained to Simon my mission and he’d finished laughing, he helped carry some of the stuff the remaining w

ay. Some surprised looks from fellow exhibitors there at The Lights who had heard I was going to be coming with my sled….but I think not quite believing I literally was bringing

all my stuff on the sled. I’d decided to document my little adventure on Facebook and turns out quite a few people had seen this. Was too good an opportunity to not get some sort of publicity out of it!

I’d made it pretty much in one piece as had the few display pieces and sample cakes I’d been able to bring. Not quite the full table I’d wanted to display, but I got there. No-one can say I’m not dedicated to my cake work and commitments! By the time the fayre finished, most of the snow had cleared and my wonderful other half came and picked me up so that I didn’t have to drag it all back home on the sled again.

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