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  • Suzanne Glew

Dino adventures!

Now you may have figured out I’m far from normal. I accepted my unusual take on things and nuttiness wasn’t a hindrance but a wonderfully charming part of my personality long ago. I love having a laugh and making people smile, even if it means I look a little daft in the process. A smile and a laugh can make the darkest days seem that little bit brighter.

About two years ago I finally treated myself to something I’d been wanting for quite a while but hadn’t wanted to pay a daft price for. I saw it at a bargain price, clicked on the link and 3 weeks later it arrived. I happily opened it up and was crying with laughter at myself. I laugh at myself a lot.

The first one I scared the crap out of was one of my son’s who came home to be faced with a 7ft t-rex waving at him as he came in through the door. He just rolled his eyes and smirked, not phased in the slightest…anyone would he was used to having a batty mother!

My lovely partner works shifts and this particular week he was on the late shift, so didn’t finish until midnight. I’d been waiting getting rather warm in the inflatable t-rex suit for almost 15 minutes by the time he finally came through the door. Picture this, he came in from his long night shift to a 7 ft t-rex waving and holding out a cup of tea for him. He’s so lucky to have an amazing girlfriend like me! Never a dull moment or quite sure what he will come home to next!

I’d delivered a couple of Christmas cakes to family and friends as the t-rex just for jollies.

Then we had lockdown. People needed cheering up. So I decided to take my two French bulldogs for a walk as the t-rex. Not even the dogs bat an eyelid at that outfit anymore. Made a lot of my neighbours smile, waving at adults and kiddies alike who came out to their doors and windows for a peek. I won’t lie, I love how much it was making people laugh and smile, it’s contagious for me.

Thus the t-rex lockdown adventures begun. I’ve been shopping, walked through the town car park, visited an elderly residential home to see one of my friends as was doing her shopping whilst she was sheltering. I went on several walks through those weeks around my neighbourhood and even had a few requests from customers to deliver cakes as the t-rex. Of course I obliged, you can see the videos of these on my facebook page:

My amazing next door neighbour even joined in and so myself as the t-rex and Helen as a hippo in a tutu went to deliver some cupcakes I’d made to cheer up some of my neighbours. Then we went for a little stroll around. Again, very well received and lots of smiling and laughing faces greeting us as well as some very confused ones.

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