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All about the Cakes

Photo albums


Cake Smashes

I have made a fair few cake smash cakes now. What is a smash cake you might be thinking?


It is essentially where a series of photos are taken of someone (usually a young child or baby) having fun smashing and smooshing up a cake.


I have been working with the fabulous Sian Coles of Sian Coles Photography for a couple of years now supplying the cakes for her Splash & Smash shoots.


If you want a cake smash shoot, Sian’s your lady! Check out my blog post about my very own cake smash shoot from 2019.

Here are some of the cakes and the smashes! Prices start from £40 for a 5” round cake being the smallest option available for this sort of cake.


And of course contact Sian Coles for all your photography needs!



Often the wedding cake is one of the central features of a wedding and we would love to create your perfect wedding cake to add that wow factor on your special day. 

Wedding cakes don’t need to be a many tiered affair, the trend for the last couple of years of a two tier or single tier cake often with matching cupcakes is as popular as ever.

Whether it’s a more traditional style you’re looking for or something with a bit more of a twist, subtle or not so subtle – get in touch and we can chat about cake at a cake design and taster consultation, or via email, facebook, phone or something like a Whatsapp or Zoom call. 

Prices of wedding cakes vary, but can be tailored to suit most budgets.


Minimum height per tier is 4", but I do offer 3" to help those with smaller budgets whilst still being able to produce a wonderful cake of a reasonable height.


Wedding cake toppers

Cake toppers like these make the perfect addition to any wedding cake and can be kept as a precious keepsake afterwards.
These are some of my custom handmade figures made largely from fondant with supporting internal structures. I make these figures based on either ideas in my head (like these ones were) or based on pictures of the wedding couple. These typically start at £80 a figure (approx. 8-9” tall) depending on the size and detailing required. Smaller figures can be made and priced accordingly. 



Celebrating a special anniversary? Say it with cake!

If you’re celebrating or organising a baby shower or gender reveal, then why not say it with cake! 

Want a cake that’s a bit different? Then why go for a carved cake!

We've also done some lovely christening cakes over the years!

As you can see, there are many styles of cakes for many different occasions and themes! This is a small selection cakes by Ditsy’s Cakes.

Cake toppers

As well as cakes, I also create custom cake toppers, so maybe you have a cake already but want to add that special element to it. Custom made toppers like these could be the answer! 

Cupcakes & bouquets


Cupcakes and cupcake bouquets are an ideal way of celebrating any event if you’re not wanting a large cake and very versatile.

Personalised photo cupcakes or with printed edible images

Cupcakes with handmade 3d toppers

Cupcake boards are another way to have cupcakes rather than just in a box and gives more scope to add additional items to decorate it.

More cupcakes can be added depending how many is required.


Floral cupcakes bouquets or floral boxes are a fabulous way to show your appreciation to someone special.

More information


We have a starting price list - the final price depends on the type of cake (ie fruit, sponge and fillings), the complexity of the design and number of portions wanted. 

We can cater to certain allergies and intolerances - wheat free, gluten free, egg free, vegan and dairy free. But we can't do nut free as there are nuts in our kitchen. There is also a risk of trace elements of gluten, wheat, egg and dairy as all these are also in our kitchen, we make customers fully aware that there's a small risk of cross contamination as a result to allow them to make a fully informed decision before proceeding to order. Allergy ingredients are stored separately from everything else and the oven is thoroughly cleaned for each cake of this nature as is the kitchen and any equipment used.

We can do smaller or larger cakes just contact me to discuss in more depth - these are simply basic price guidelines. Each includes simple decoration and iced board decorated in the theme of the cake and are boxed as standard. Any writing or numbering is also included in the price. 

If you want multiple tiers then you can also have different flavours at no extra cost as long as it is vanilla, chocolate, lemon or orange sponge with a basic filling such as buttercream or ganache. Any other flavours or types of cake will cost slightly more depending on the ingredients needed.

Starting prices











Round tier










Square tier










Cupcake prices


Simple buttercream swirl starting from £15 for a box of 6 or £30 for a box of 12


Personalised photo cupcakes or with printed edible images like these which start at £16.50 for 6 and £33 for 12


Cupcakes with handmade 3d toppers like these starting from £3 per cupcake


Cupcake boards start from £18 with a minimum of 7 cupcakes. More cupcakes can be added depending how many is required.


Floral cupcakes bouquets or floral boxes start from £25 for the 7 cupcakes ones, larger bouquets can be made just contact us for a quote. Floral boxes are a minimum of 12 and start from £35.

For prices of carved and other shaped cakes, please contact me with details for a quote.




Cake Cutting Guide


Here’s a handy guide on how to cut a cake to get the most portions out of it!


cake cut guide web.jpg
Cake cutting guide
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